SfAA Events of Interest

The annual meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology is next week in Vancouver, British Columbia!!

ADTSG will be holding a meeting at 5:30-7:20 on Thursday, March 31, in the Tangent Room.  If you are interested in learning about what ADTSG has been up to since the AAAs while catching up with your fellow members, please join us!

There are also several drug, alcohol, tobacco, and addiction-themed events that may be of interest to ADTSG members:

Tuesday, March 29


PHOTO EXHIBIT: Danya Fast – “Living in the Best Place on Earth” (Bayshore Ballroom Foyer)


PANEL: Mental Health, Drug Use, and HIV/AIDS in Vancouver, B.C. (MacKenzie)

  • William Damon – “Crisis” and “Everyday” Imitators: A Qualitative Study of Coercion and Agency in the Context of Methadone Maintenance Treatment Initiation
  • Daryl Wiebe, Howard Tran, Andrew MacFarlane, and Lynn Noftle – Police/Health Collaboration to Assist Persons Living with Mental Illness
  • Christiana Miewald, Sean Grieve, and Megan Woodward – Open Doors and Juggling Hats: The Lived Experience of Working as a Peer Researcher on the Food as Harm Reduction Study


PRESENTATION: Nicole Markwick, Ryan McNeil, Will Small, and Thomas Kerr: “If They Just Showed Respect”: Exploring the Impacts of Private Security Guards Upon People Who Use Drugs (Seymour)


PANEL: Contemporary Drug Ethnography’s Multiple Temporalities and Outcomes (Seymour)

  • Ryan McNeil – Structural Vulnerability and the Resilience of Entrenched Drug Scenes
  • Andrea Lopez, Megan Comfort, Christina Powers, Alex Kral, and Jennifer Lorvick – Altered Temporalities in the Study of the Socially Vulnerable: A Hybrid Ethnographic and Clinical Social Work Methodological Approach
  • Alexandra Collins, Surita Parashar, Saranee Fernando, Kalysha Closson, Rosalind Baltzer Turje, and Ryan McNeil – Being “Worthy” of Care: Territorial Stigma across Neighborhoods and HIV Care Spaces in Vancouver
  • Cole Hansen – Navigating Intersections of Ethnography and “Evidence” in Community Reentry
  • Danya Fast – On the Edge of Homelessness in Vancouver’s Inner City: An Ethnography of the Emergent
  • Discussants – Leslie Robertson and Kelly Knight

Thursday, March 31


PRESENTATION: Jeffrey Schonberg – Mourning and the Photography of Addiction (Prospect)



  • Nicole Henderson – Connections Between the Folk Psychiatry of Addiction and Levels of Attributed Stigma
    • Malisa Young – Don’t Box Me In: Black Youth and the Case for Differentiation in Tobacco Control

Friday, April 1


PRESENTATION: Bryan Page – Pressed Into Service: My Participation in the Presbyterian Church’s Task Force on Drug Policy (President)


PANEL: Pharmaceuticals and Drugs in Everyday Life (Cypress 1)

  • Janet Currie – Off-label Prescribing: An Intersectional Approach
  • Jenny Epstein – Community Pharmacy Practice and the Integration of Pharmaceuticals into Everyday Life
  • Marlee McGuire – Stakeholders, Values, and Social License: The Social Shaping of Publicly Funded Drug Decision-Making
  • Dan Ciccarone and Sarah Mars – Heroin Uncertainties: The Rise in New Forms of Heroin in the US
  • Tarik Najeddine – Self-Medication in the Era of Novel Psychoactive Substances


PRESENTATION: Olivia Rose Marcus – Ritual and Rehab: Curanderismo and Addiction Rehabilitation in Peru (Arbutus)

Saturday, April 2


PANEL: Addictive Substances and Social Context (Fir)

  • Emery R. Eaves – E-Cigarette Harm Reduction and the Emergence of “Vaping Community”
  • Jude Robinson – Do You Smoke?
  • Sarah Mars, Jason Fessel, and Dan Ciccarone – The Appreciation of Heroin: Connoisseurship and Its Absence in the Present Day United States
  • Miriam Boeri – Hero or Heel? An Ethnographic Investigation of a Police Chief’s “Angel Program” for Opioid Addicts
  • Jennifer Syvertsen, Kelly Yotebieng, Grace Rota, and Kawango Agot – Alcohol Cleans the Baby in the Womb: Reproductive Health Concerns among Women Who Inject Drugs in Western Kenya


PRESENTATION: Max Oostenburg – A Cultural Consonance Approach to Online Gaming Experience: Beyond Addiction and Disorder (Salon B)