National Drug Abuse Summit, April 2-4


Description: “The 2013 National Rx Drug Abuse Summit will focus on ways we can Make an Impact in the fight against prescription drug abuse.The Summit is the largest national collaboration of professionals from local, state, and federal agencies, business, academia, clinicians, treatment providers, counselors, educators, state and national leaders, and advocates impacted by Rx drug abuse. Through this type of collaboration, your work can be more impactful in bringing solutions to this issue that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declared a public health crisis in 2012.”

“Conference attendees will include: federal and state legislators and policy makers; federal and state executive leaders; health care practitioners; pharmacists; certified substance abuse counselors and recovery specialists; law enforcement personnel; treatment facility managers; advocates, families, and patients working to increase awareness and effect change; pharmaceutical executives; prominent academicians and researchers; government officials tasked with regulatory oversight; insurance payers and benefits managers; and suppliers of prescription monitoring technologies.”

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