MAQ Modular Textbook

Message from incoming ADTSG Chair, Bree Casper:

The Society for Medical Anthropology’s (SMA) Special Interest Group leaders recently received an email from the SMA about creating a Modular textbook. I am reaching out to see if anyone would be interested in working on this together. I have shared the description below. Please email me directly if you would like to participate:

“For a couple years now, Eugene Raikhel and I have been talking about a sort of modular textbook or reader curated from MAQ archives. The idea is that we would create a flexible medical anthropology syllabus–15-20 topics with links to 3-4 related articles from the MAQ archives (or, really, anything from the anthrosource archives)–along with short introductions (~1500 words) to each of those curated topics written by the people who have put them together. These modules might also include recorded lectures and maybe podcasts of authors reading their articles–it could really be a multi-platform set of stuff to use in the classroom, and people could pick and choose from it as it fits their course design. The modules might also include sample assignments or exam prompts–basically everything someone might need to drop into a week or two in a course syllabus.”