Drug Events at 2017 SfAA Annual Meeting

It’s almost time for the 2017 SfAA Annual Meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

The conference schedule shows a lot of people engaging with the topics of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, and other psychoactive substances!  Below is a list of activities and presentations that will be of interest to ADTSG members, many of which also involve several of our members.  Of special note is the ADTSG Business Meeting on Friday, March 31, 2017, at 12:00-1:30 in the La Fonda Hospitality Suite (Room 501) and is open to all!

Tuesday, March 28

3:30pm – 5:20pm (Exchange, La Fonda)

  • Paper: “No Amount of Alcohol Should Be Considered Safe”: Mapping the New Frontier of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Addicted Pregnancy in New Mexico (Presenter: Danielle M. Kabella)

Wednesday, March 29

8:00am – 9:50am (Santa Fe, La Fonda)

  • Paper: The Budtender: Economic Junctures within the Denver Cannabis Industry (Presenter: Lia Berman)

1:30pm – 3:20pm (Santa Fe, La Fonda)

  • Paper: Poison and Pleasure: The Meanings of Alcohol Use among Marshall Islanders in the US (Presenters: Michael Duke and Caleb Klipowicz)

5:30pm – 7:20pm (Zuni North, Inn at Loretto)

  • Panel: Global Dealings with Addictive Substances

Thursday, March 30

10:00am – 11:50am (Zuni North, Inn at Loretto)

  • Paper: “Doing” Recovery: Digital Storytelling as an Ethnographic Intervention to Address the Perinatal and Postpartum Substance Use Continuum (Presenters: Alice Fiddian-Green and Mary Paterno)

1:30pm – 3:20pm (Rivera B, Drury)

  • Panel: Drug, Food, Medicine: Emerging Topics in the Anthropology of Consumption, Part I

1:30pm – 3:20pm (New Mexico, La Fonda)

  • Panel: Landscapes of Loss and Recovery: The Anthropology of Police-Community Relations and Harm Reduction

5:30pm – 7:20pm (Rivera B, Drury)

  • Panel: Stigma and Addiction: Anthropological Examinations

Friday, March 31

12:00pm – 1:30pm (La Fonda Hospitality Suite (Room 501))

  • ADTSG Business Meeting

Saturday, April 1

8:00am – 11:50am (Hopi Board Room, Inn at Loretto)

  • Workshop: Cannabis Research and Creative Work

12:00pm – 1:20pm (Ballroom South, La Fonda)

  • Paper: Examining the Structural Vulnerabilities in Substance Use and HIV Risk among Latinos in Rural Communities in Southern California (Presenters: Ann Cheney and Katheryn Rodriguez)

1:30pm – 3:20pm (Zuni South, Inn at Loretto)

  •  Paper: At the Edge of Care: How Does Deservingness Interpose Between Prenatal Care and Substance Use in Pregnancy? (Presenter: Megan Huchko)