CDP Accepting Submissions!

Looking for a venue to publish that article you’ve been working on? Consider submitting it to Contemporary Drug Problems (CDP)!!

CDP publishes scholarly work on drugs that regularly draws on critical perspectives from medical anthropology, sociology, science and technology studies, and history. For example, in recent issues, they’ve published the following articles:

“Drug Use Assemblages: Substances, Subjects, and the City”…/full/10.1177/0091450916670268

“Harm Reduction in Process: The ACON Rovers, GHB, and the Art of Paying Attention”…/full/10.1177/0091450916661821

“Coming Off Drugs: A Critical History of the Withdrawing Body”…/full/10.1177/0091450916666641

“Drug Use and Affective Politics: The Political Implications of Social Emotional Training”…/full/10.1177/0091450916660818

“Making Up the ‘Drug-Abusing Immigrant’: Knowledge Production in Swedish Social Work and Drug Treatment Contexts, 1960s–2011″”…/full/10.1177/0091450916687649

Formula Stories of the “Substance-Using Client”: Addicted, Unreliable, Deteriorating, and Stigmatized”…/full/10.1177/0091450917698963

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