Call for Papers – Journal of Ethnicity and Substance Abuse

Call for Papers –a special issue on anthropological contributions

To be published in the Journal of Ethnicity and Substance Abuse

As a member of the editorial board of this Journal, I am recruiting anthropological researchers to submit original articles for a special issue for the above mentioned peer reviewed Journal of Ethnicity and Substance Abuse, around since 1986.  Clearly the subject matter should address ethnicity and substance abuse.  While quantitative analysis is wholly acceptable, it is expected that the weight of the evidence will be communicated through ethnography.

While I cannot affirm the peer reviewers, by name, the following members of the editorial board may be approached for review of some of the articles:    Phillippe Bourgois, Dwight Heath, Mac Marshall, Merrill Singer and Joe Westermeyer.

If you are contemplating submission or have any questions, please be in touch by February 1, 2016.   Deadline and details regarding style and form to follow.  Approximately 5000 words.


Andrew J. Gordon, Associate Professor

Anthropology Program

University of Houston