Graduate Student Travel Award

The ADTSG Graduate Student Travel Award supports the travel of a graduate student to the American Anthropological Association annual meeting to present a paper that engages questions related to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, or other psychoactive substance use.  The winning graduate student receives a cash award of $100, and their name is announced at the Society for Medical Anthropology awards ceremony at the annual meeting.

Graduate Student Travel Award Winners


  • Joshua Falcon
    Psychedelics as Technologies of the Self: An Ethnographic and Netnographic Study on the Relationship Between Psilocybin Experiences and Subjectivity


  • Breanne Casper
    Unscripted Change: A Critical Analysis of Rehabilitation Rhetoric in “Natural Recovery”


  • Richard Karl Deang
    Sex, Drugs, and Biopolitical Ontologies: HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis and the Anti-Drug War in the Philippines


  • Parsa Bastani
    Thinking Beyond the State’s Risk Management Measures: Infrastructures of Care among Poor Drug Users in Tehran