ADTSG Business Meeting Summary

Thank you to all ADTSG members who attended our annual business meeting this year at the AAA conference in Seattle. For those of you who couldn’t attend here is a brief summary of what was discussed at the meeting:

1. Awards: In the future, we will be working to advertise our awards more broadly, as we have noticed that we have had fewer and fewer submissions over the past couple of years. We are also considering raising the award amount from $100 to $150 and awarding our student and contingent faculty awards on alternating years. This will mean that we can give out more money and potentially increase interest in the awards with each award cycle.

2. Public Scholarship: Our members and our board are considering ways that ADTSG can produce more public scholarship. We are hoping that we may be able to submit pieces to the SMA’s publication Second Opinion, Anthropology News, or The Conversation sometime in the next year.

3. Writing and Reading Groups: We had quite a few members express interest in participating in writing or reading groups. We will reach out in the new year to members to discuss what we want these groups to look like (i.e., how often we will meet, group expectations, lists of readings). If you are interested in joining either of these groups, please email Breanne Casper at

Spring Workshop: We will be exploring the idea of putting together some type of workshop in the spring for ADTSG members and SMA members more broadly. At the business meeting we discussed potentially having a sort of workshop or mini-conference day on psychedelics. If you have other thoughts or input, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you again to all who were at the meeting, and we’re sorry to have missed anyone that was unable to make it. For any questions or suggestions please reach out to Breanne Casper at Please also do not forget to submit your students for the ADTSG Student Spotlight!