ADTSG at 2015 SFAA Meetings in Pittsburgh, PA

pittsburghDear ADTSG members,

ADTSG will be participating in the 2015 Society for Applied Anthropology Conference this week from March 24-28 in Pittsburg, PA. Thursday, March 26 will be especially packed with activities related to our special interest group. Here is a breakdown of what’s in store:

ADTSG Organized Panel
(TH-92) THURSDAY 1:30-3:20 (Sternwheeler) Thinking about Drinking: Anthropologists in Alcohol Research, CHAIR: LEE, Juliet P. (PIRE)

  • OGILVIE, Kristen A. (UAA) Prostrate or Indispensable?: An Anthropologist’s Role on Multidisciplinary Alcohol Research Teams
  • ABRAHAM, Traci, CHENEY, Ann, CURRAN, Geoff, BOOTH, Brenda, and FRITH, Katherine (CAVHS) Cultural Constraints to Sobriety among Returning Reservists and National Guards Service Members
  • LABORDE, Nicole D. and VAN DER STRATEN, Ariane (RTI Int’l), STADLER, Jonathan (U Witwatersrand), MONTGOMERY, Elizabeth (RTI Int’l), MATHEBULA, Florence (U Witwatersrand,), and HARTMANN, Miriam (RTI Int’l) Narratives of Alcohol Use, Risk and Trial Participation in an HIV Prevention Trial in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • MOORE, Roland S. (PIRE), ROBERTS, Jennifer A. (SCTHC), LEE, Juliet P. (PIRE), LUNA, Juan A. (SCTHC), and GILDER, David A. (Scripps Rsch Inst) Interdisciplinary Alcohol Research in a Tribal Setting: Sovereignty, Capacity Building, and Anthropological Partnerships
  • BENNETT, Linda A. (U Memphis), MARSHALL, Mac (U Iowa), and AMES, Genevieve M. (Prev Rsch Ctr) Early 21st Century Developments in Anthropological Research on Alcohol

ADTSG Business meeting
THURSDAY 5:30-7:00 (Laughlin)
On the Agenda:

  • Plans for 2015 AAA conference in Denver
  • Discussion of SMA policy statement on Canibus (more info coming soon)
  • Discussion of funding opportunities for ADTSG projects
  • Plans for officer positions for 2016

ADTSG Social Outing
THURSDAY 7:00-10:00, location to be determined. We will be meeting in the Lobby of the Omni at 7pm for those who would like to join us.

Other panels/papers of interest for ADTSG members:

  • (W-40) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50 Vandergrift Redefining Communities by Reengineering Health Care (CONAA): WALLACE, Debra (Kaiser Permanente, CHER) The Impact of Drugstore Clinics
  • (W-62) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20 Sternwheeler Translating Ethnography into Intervention: SCHENSUL, Jean (ICR), NAIR, Saritha (NIMS), BILGI, Sameena, BEGUM, Shahina, and DONTA, Balaiah (NIRRH) Developing a Multilevel Intervention for Women Smokeless Tobacco Users in Mumbai
  • (W-93) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20 Riverboat Engagement and Student Ethnographic Research, Part I: CRIVELLARO, Peter (IUP) Student Perspectives on Drug Use
  • (W-127) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20 Conference C Risk and Resilience in Mountain Communities: Himalayas of Ladakh and the Dolomite Alps of Cadore, Part II: PILLAI, Priyanka and PILLAI, Prishanya (U Rochester) The Role of Religious Leaders in Tobacco Control in Ladakh; SURESH, Aditya (U Rochester) Grassroots Resiliency: A Total Ban on Tobacco and Alcohol Sales in the Nubra Valley, Ladakh
  • (TH-127) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20 Conference: CHAFFLING, Ian (IUP) Up In Smoke: A Participant Observation of Cigarette Smoking at IUP
  • (TH-121) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20 William Penn Ballroom Posters: RICHARDSON, Samantha, TAYLOR, Moriah, and JENKINS, Katie (St Vincent Coll) This Is College: An Analysis of Student Experiences with Drug and Alcohol Policies; TAYLOR, Moriah, JENKINS, Katelyn, and RICHARDSON, Samantha (St Vincent Coll) The College Experience: Exploring Student Perceptions of Alcohol and Drug Policies; CHEN, Xinlin and HANSEN, Helena (NYU) Narratives of Opioid Dependence among Suburban and Urban Residents: A Comparison of Staten Island and Manhattan; MENDOZA, Sonia, RIVERA, Allyssa, and HANSEN, Helena (NYU) The Impact of Opioid Prescriber Surveillance on Doctor-Patient Relationships and Drug Markets
  • (TH-170) THURSDAY 5:30-7:20 Fox Chapel About Social Problems of Our Time: BUTTRAM, Mance and KURTZ, Steven (Nova Southeastern U) Law, Policy, and Substance Use in Miami’s Dance Club Culture; FAST, Danya (UBC, British Columbia Ctr for Excellence in HIVAIDS) Material and Moral Economies of Drug Dealing and Gang-Related Crime in Vancouver’s Inner City; FAST, Danya, CUNNINGHAM, David, and KERR, Thomas (UBC, British Columbia Ctr for Excellence in HIVAIDS) We Don’t Belong There: New Geographies of Homelessness, Addiction and Social Control in Vancouver’s Inner City
  • (F-50) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50 Fox Chapel Promoting Continuity AND Change for Health: Examining the Competing Roles of Anthropologists in Health Education-Public Health Applications, Part I: PREMKUMAR, Ashish (UCSF) “The Opposite of a History”: What Substance Use in Pregnancy Can Lend to a Critical Clinical Anthropology of Addiction
  • (S-18) SATURDAY 8:00-9:50 Oakmont Small Island / Big Problems: Ethnographic Training and Applied Field Research on Isla Mujeres, Mexico: SMITH, Marissa (U Chicago) Tequila Sunrise: Culture, Gender, and Alcoholism on Isla Mujeres
  • (S-11) SATURDAY 8:00-9:50 Carnegie I Applying Social Sciences to Health, Part I: CICCARONE, Dan (UCSF) Fire in the Vein: Heroin Acidity, Vein Loss and Abscesses

For up-to-date information about ADTSG activities, please check the blog as well as the new ADTSG twitter account: adtstudygroup or Taz’s twitter account: PharmaCulture.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the City of Bridges!

Tazin Karim Daniels
ADTSG, Chair