ADTSG at 2014 SFAA meetings in Albuquerque

2014logoSfAA is happening soon in New Mexico, and ADTSG will be there! The theme of the 2014 meeting is “Destinations.” The following are some highlights of presentations on alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. For full listings, check out the final program.

ADTSG Business Meeting
Thursday March 20 @ 7:00-8:00pm in Alvarado B
We will be talking about ongoing projects as well as finalizing plans for AAA 2014 in D.C. Please invite your students and colleagues to attend. We will also plan on going out afterward for food/drinks – information about the location will be posted on the site and on twitter under  #ADTSG.

ADTSG PANEL: Silk Roads: Place and Space in Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use (SMA)
Wednesday March 19 @ 3:30-5:20pm in Alvarado F (W-126)

  1. Shared Walls, Shared Air: Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Policy Implementation” –Roland Moore, Valerie Yerger, Robynn Battle, Julie Jackson, LaTrena Robinson
  2. Sin Cities of the North: Alcohol in the Regional Hubs of Alaska” – Kristen Oglivie
  3. #Adderall: Constructions of Prescription Drug Use in Digital Spaces” – Tazin Karim
  4. Negotiating Risk, Supplementing Safety: Online Discussions about Pre-and Post-loading on” – Stephan Risi
  5. Spice: A Thrice-told Tale” – Juliet Lee
  6. Disussant – Jean Schensul

PANEL: Ethnographic Approaches to Addictions and Substance Abuse
Wednesday March 19 @ 5:30-7:20pm in Turquoise (W-162)

  1.  “Assessing Consequences of Hidden Addictions: Ethnography as Core Method” – Joseph Westermeyer
  2. Pathways to Addiction: Drug Use among Adolescents in Popayan, Colombia” – Sarah Fishleder and Daniel Lende
  3. Implementing T4 Translational Science in a Tobacco Control Project in Ladakh, India” – Lukas Slipski, Anisha Gundewar, and Lily Martyn
  4. Changing Gender Roles for Young Adult Women in Ladakh and Heightened Risk for Tobacco Addiction” – Yitong Gao, Emma Caldwell, Karishma Dara, Anupa Gewali and Cindi Lewis
  5. State Policies and Street Drug Choices: Patterns of Opioid Use in the Aftermath of Changes in OxyContin Availability” – J. Bryan Page and David Forrest
  6. “Under the Influence and Under Arrest: How Alcohol, Drugs, and Violence Impact Arrests on a College Campus” – Richard Colon and Alexandra Itri
  7. Smoking, Chewing, and Dipping: Tobacco Use at a Rural Serving U.S.-Mexico Border University” – Chris Spurny, Melinda J. Wilson, Candyce Luna, Susan Wilson and Cynthia kratze

Presentations on Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Issues

  • Destination Local: Collaborating with Ukrainian NGOs to Develop Effective, Evidence-Based HIV Prevention Programs for Drug Users” – Sarah Phillips, Jill Owczarak, and Olga Filippova (W-67)
  • Urban Ethnic Segregation and the US Heroin Market: A Quantitative Model of Anthropological Hypotheses ” – Dan Ciccarone, Philippe Bourgois, Fernando Montero Castrillo, George Karandinos, Daniel Rosenblum, and Sarah Mars (W-71)
  • A Summer Participatory Research Project for Asian American and Pacific Islander Students: Experience of Stress and Drug Use” – JiangHong Li, Irene Shaver, Jennifer Zhu, Darius Mostaghimi, Angel Wu and Victoria Xie (W-160)
  • Algorithms and Ethnography: Locating the Content of Agent-based Models in Fieldwork” – Lee Hoffer (TH-03)
  • “Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs for American Indian Youth: Prioritizing Culture & Community Values” – Kehli Henry (poster)
  • Mothers, Lovers, and Addicts: The Role of Interpersonal Violence in Incarcerated Women’s Paths To Recovery” – Catherine Fuentes (Th-131)
  • Can You Help Us Stop Using Drugs?: Collaborating with an NGO in Health Education and Research with People Who Inject Drugs in Kenya” – Jennifer Syversten (F-71)
  • Constructing Harm Reduction as Global “Strategy”: Impacts on Intervention” – Shana Harris (S-126)

Presentations by ADTSG members and colleagues

  • Catie Willging (T-01) Developing a Peer-Based Mental Health Intervention for Sexual and Gender Minorities in Rural New Mexico and T-153 Behavioral Healthcare in New Mexico: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?
  • Kitty Corbett (W-02) Technology as a Conduit: Engaging Place and Environment in Experiences of Health [SMA])
  • Peter Kunstadter (T-91) From Community to Academia and Return: Pipelines Run in Both Directions to Reduce Ethnic and Socioeconomic Disparities in the Health Professions)
  • Michael Agar (T-95) Water Sharing and Water Shortage in New Mexico)
  • Suzanne Heurtin-Roberts (F-11) and Applying Anthropology in Implementation Science to Improve Healthcare and Health)
  • Victor Garcia (F-31) Applied Anthropology, Praxis, and Student Research)
  • Linda Bennett (S-04) Evaluating the Effectiveness of COPAA and CoPAPIA Tenure and Promotion Initiatives on Applied, Practicing, Engaged, and Public Anthropology).

Did we miss your panel? Think someone should be added to the list? Send us an email at and we’ll update the list. Until then… see you in the land of enchantment!

Juliet Lee and Taz Karim