ADTSG at 2014 AAA meetings in Washington, D.C.

washington dc

Hello from Washington, D.C.! This year at the AAA meetings, ADTSG has a number of activities planned so take a look. Hope to see you there!

ADTSG Business Meeting
Thursday, December 3 @ 1:00PM-2:15PM in Marriott, Taft
Whether you are a curious graduate student or a regular attendee, we invite you to come meet everyone at the ADTSG business meeting. We will be talking about our profess in 2014 and brainstorming new plans for the coming year. Some agenda items include:

  • Ways to improve the website/blog
  • Policy Statement on Marijuana
  • Plans for SFAA 2015 in Pittsburg
  • Plans for AAA 2015

ADTSG PANEL: Professional Perspectives in the Anthropology of Drugs (SMA)
Saturday, December 6 @ 6:30PM-8:15 pm in Marriott, Thurgood Marshall West

  1. Do No Harm: Pharmacists and the Addicted Body Kathrine L Barnes (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
  2. Debating Decriminalization in Argentina: The Role of Harm Reductionists in Drug Policy Reform Shana Harris (National Development and Research Institutes)
  3. Emergent Experts: Colorado’s Cannabis Workers and “Professional” Marijuana Expertise  Santiago I Guerra (Colorado College)
  4. Military Mental Health Provider Perspectives on Post-Combat Alcohol and Drug Treatment Utilization Gaps Roland S Moore (Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation), Genevieve M Ames (University of California Berkeley and Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation) and Martha L Lincoln (University of California Berkeley and Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation)
  5. Discussant Michael J Oldani (University of Wisconsin)

Saturday, December 6 @ 8:30 pm after panel – stay tuned for more details to be posted on our blog and on twitter under “#adtsg”

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