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Benson, Peter – Good Clean Tobacco: Philip Morris, Biocapitalism, and the Social Course of Stigma in North Carolina

Benson, Peter – Safe Cigarettes

Benson, Peter – Tobacco Talk: Reflections on Corporate Power and the Legal Framing of Consumption

Dingel, Molly J. et al. – Framing Nicotine Addiction as a “Disease of the Brain”: Social and Ethical Consequences

Frohlich Katherine et al. – Creating the Socially Marginalised Youth Smoker: The Role of Tobacco Control

Kohrman, Matthew – Smoking among Doctors: Governmentality, Embodiment, and the Diversion of Blame in Contemporary China

Kohrman, Matthew and Peter Benson – Tobacco

Marshall, Mac – Carolina in the Carolines: A Survey of Patterns and Meanings of Smoking on a Micronesian Island

Nichter, Mark and Elizabeth Cartwright – Saving the Children for the Tobacco Industry

Nichter, Mark – Smoking: What Does Culture Have to Do With It?

Nichter, Mimi et al. – Smoking as a Weight-Control Strategy among Adolescent Girls and Young Women: A Reconsideration

Stebbins, Kenyon – Going Like Gangbusters: Transnational Tobacco Companies “Making a Killing” in South America