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Agar, Michael and Heather Schacht Reisinger – A Tale of Two Policies: The French Connection, Methadone, and Heroin Epidemics

Bunton, Robin – Knowledge, Embodiment, and Neo-liberal Drug Policy

Hathaway, Andrew – From Harm Reduction to Human Rights: Bringing Liberalism Back Into Drug Reform Debates

Kaye, Kerwin – Rehabilitating the “Drugs Lifestyle”: Criminal Justice, Social Control, and the Cultivation of Agency

Koester, Stephen – Copping, Running, and Paraphernalia Laws: Contextual Variables and Needle Risk Behaviour among Injection Drug Users in Denver

Linnemann, Travis – Governing Through Meth: Local Politics, Drug Control, and the Drift Toward Securitization

Mullings, Leith – Losing Ground: Harlem, the War on Drugs, and the Prison Industrial Complex

Polson, Michael – Land and Law in Marijuana Country: Clean Capital, Dirty Money, and the Drug War’s Rentier Nexus

Singer, Merrill – Needle Exchange and AIDS Prevention: Controversies, Policies, and Research

Vrecko, Scott – Therapeutic Justice in Drug Courts: Crime, Punishment, and Societies of Control