Harm Reduction



Harm Reduction Coalition

Harm Reduction International


Berridge, Virginia – Histories of Harm Reduction: Illicit Drugs, Tobacco, and Nicotine

Bourgois, Philippe – Theory, Method, and Power in Drug and HIV-Prevention Research: A Participant-Observer’s Critique

Bourgois, Philippe and Julie Bruneau – Needle Exchange, HIV Infection, and the Politics of Science: Confronting Canada’s Cocaine Injection Epidemic With Participant Observation

Campbell, Nancy and Susan Shaw – Incitements to Discourse: Illicit Drugs, Harm Reduction, and the Production of Ethnographic Subjects

Davis, Mark et al. – Preventing Hepatitis C: “Common Sense”, “The Bug”, and Other Perspectives From the Risk Narratives of People Who Inject Drugs

Ettorre, Elizabeth – Revisioning Women and Drug Use: Gender Sensitivity, Embodiment, and Reducing Harm

Fischer, Benedikt et al. – Drug Use, Risk, and Urban Order: Examining Supervised Injection Sites (SISs) as “Governmentality”

Harris, Shana – The Social Practice of Harm Reduction in Argentina: A Latin “Kind” of Intervention

Lovell, Anne – Risking Risk: The Influence of Types of Capital and Social Networks on the Injection Practices of Drug Users

Moore, David and Suzanne Fraser – Putting At Risk What We Know: Reflecting on the Drug-Using Subject in Harm Reduction and Its Political Implications

Page, J. Bryan – Needle Exchange and Reduction of Harm: An Anthropological View

Shaw, Susan – Public Citizens, Marginalized Communities: The Struggle for Syringe Exchange in Springfield, Massachusetts

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