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Agar, Michael – The Story of Crack: Towards a Theory of Illicit Drug Trends

Baker, Jonathan – Pills, Potions, Products: Kava’s Transformations in New and Nontraditional Contexts

Barker, Judith C. et al. – Experiences of Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) Ingestion

Barker, Judith C. and Geoffrey Hunt – Representations of Family: A Review of the Alcohol and Drug Literature

Becker, Howard – Becoming a Marihuana User

Becker, Howard – History, Culture, and Subjective Experience: An Exploration of the Social Bases of Drug-Induced Experiences

Blainey, Marc G. – Forbidden Therapies: Santo Daime, Ayahuasca, and the Prohibition of Entheogens in Western Society

Bourgois, Philippe et al. – The Everyday Violence of Hepatitis C among Young Women Who Inject Drugs in San Francisco

Bourgois, Philippe – Anthropology and Epidemiology on Drugs: The Challenges of Cross-Methodological and Theoretical Dialogue

Bourgois, Philippe – Crack and the Political Economy of Social Suffering

Bourgois, Philippe – Just Another Night in a Shooting Gallery

Bourgois, Philippe et al. – Social Misery and the Sanctions of Substance Abuse: Confronting HIV Risk among Homeless Heroin Addicts in San Francisco

Comitas, Lambros – Cannabis and Work in Jamaica: A Refutation of the Amotivational Syndrome

Duff, Cameron – Towards a Theory of Drug Use Contexts: Space, Embodiment, and Practice

Epele, María – Gender, Violence, and HIV: Women’s Survival in the Streets

Fraser, Suzanne et al. – Living Drugs

Hunt, Geoffrey and Judith C. Barker – Socio-cultural Anthropology and Alcohol and Drug Research: Toward a Unified Theory

Labate, Beatriz Caiuby and Pamela Ruiz Flores López – Critical Reflections on the National Addiction Surveys (ENAs) in Mexico

Linnemann, Travis – Governing Through Meth: Local Politics, Drug Control, and the Drift Toward Securitization

McKenna, Stacey A. – Navigating the Risk Environment: Structural Vulnerability, Sex, and Reciprocity among Women Who Use Methamphetamine

Measham, Fiona – “Doing Gender” – “Doing Drugs”: Conceptualizing the Gendering of Drugs Cultures

Moore, Dawn – Drugalities: The Generative Capabilities of Criminalized “Drugs”

Moore, David – Beyond “Subculture” in the Ethnography of Illicit Drug Use

Moore, David – Ethnography and Illicit Drug Use: Dispatches From an Anthropologist in the “Field”

Nichter, Mark et al. – Qualitative Research: Contributions to the Study of Drug Use, Drug Abuse, and Drug Use(r)-Related Interventions

Romero-Daza, Nancy et al. – “Nobody Gives a Damn If I Live Or Die”: Violence, Drugs, and Street-Level Prostitution in Inner-City Hartford, Connecticut