Addiction and Treatment


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Substance Abuse Research Center – University of Michigan


Bell, Kirsten and Amy Salmon – Pain, Physical Dependence and Pseudoaddiction: Redefining Addiction for “Nice” People?

Bourgois, Philippe – Disciplining Addictions: The Bio-politics of Methadone and Heroin in the United States

Campbell, Nancy D. – The Metapharmacology of the “Addicted Brain”

Campbell, Nancy D. – Toward a Critical Neuroscience of “Addiction”

Frank, David – The Trouble with Morality: The Effects of 12-Step Discourse on Addicts’ Decision-Making

Fraser, Suzanne – The Chronotype of the Queue: Methadone Maintenance Treatment and the Production of Time, Space, and Subjects

Garcia, Angela – The Elegiac Addict: History, Chronicity, and the Melancholic Subject

Gomart, Emilie – Surprised by Methadone: In Praise of Drug Substitution Treatment in a French Clinic

Hansen, Helena – Isla Evangelista: A Story of Church and State: Puerto Rico’s Faith-Based Initiatives in Drug Treatment

Hansen, Helena – The “New Masculinity”: Addiction Treatment as a Reconstruction of Gender in Puerto Rican Evangelist Street Ministries

Harris, Shana – To Be Free and Normal: Addiction, Governance, and the Therapeutics of Buprenorphine

Hughes, Kahryn – Migrating Identities: The Relational Constitution of Drug Use and Addiction

Hunt, Geoffrey and Judith C. Barker – Drug Treatment in Contemporary Anthropology and Sociology

Hyde, Sandra Teresa – Migrations in Humanistic Therapy: Turning Drug Users into Patients and Patients into Healthy Citizens in Southwest China

Keane, Helen – Categorising Methadone: Addiction and Analgesia

Kennedy, John G. et al. – Qat Use in North Yemen and the Problem of Addiction: A Study in Medical Anthropology

Meyers, Todd – Promise and Deceit: Pharmakos, Drug Replacement Therapy, and the Perils of Experience

Ning, Ana M. – Games of Truth: Rethinking Conformity and Resistance in Narratives of Heroin Recovery

Prussing, Erica – Sobriety and Its Cultural Politics: An Ethnographer’s Perspective on “Culturally Appropriate” Addiction Services in Native North America

Raikhel, Eugene – Post-Soviet Placebos: Epistemology and Authority in Russian Treatments for Alcoholism

Reinarman, Craig – Addiction as Accomplishment: The Discursive Construction of Disease

Rhodes, Tim et al. – Negotiating Access to Medical Treatment and the Making of Patient Citizenship: The Case of Hepatitis C Treatment

Singer, Merrill – Anthropology and Addiction: An Historical Review

valentine, kylie – Methadone Maintenance Treatment and Making Up People

Vrecko, Scott – Birth of a Brain Disease: Science, the State, and Addiction Neuropolitics

Weinberg, Darin – On the Embodiment of Addiction

Zigon, Jarrett – “A Disease of Frozen Feelings”: Ethically Working on Emotional Worlds in a Russian Orthodox Church Drug Rehabilitation Program

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