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Robert M. Schacht

Former Research Director Northern Arizona UniversityAmerican Indian Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (now defunct), Institute for Human Development
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Bob began working for the Institute for Human Development at Northern Arizona University in 1989 as a research specialist . From ca. 1980-2003 He worked as research specialist for the American Indian Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (AIRRTC), conducting research on the vocational rehabilitation of American Indians with Alcohol Dependance or Abuse, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, or Fetal Alcohol Effects, as well as other matters. In connection with these projects, Bob conducted field trips to Dallas and Houston in Texas, Minneapolis, MN, and Indian Reservations in northern California, Washington State, Idaho, and Montana. He received training in Motivational Interviewing and other methods from the University of Arizona, the Arizona Practice Improvement Collaborative (Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center; the name has changed several times), for which he also served on the Advisory Board. Bob became interested in substance abuse issues, including the cultural factors surrounding it, because these were major factors in vocational rehabilitation, and attention on these issues was wanted and needed. The cultural factors were of particular interest to him because of his background in Anthropology. Email:

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