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Marc Blainey

Adjunct Faculty Martin Luther University College
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Marc Blainey was born in Toronto, Canada. He has a B.A. in anthropology (University of Western Ontario, 2005), an M.A. in archaeological anthropology (Trent University, 2007), and a Ph.D. in socio-cultural anthropology (Tulane University, 2013).  Previously, he conducted research concerning the shamanistic ingestion of entheogens by the ancient Maya culture.  As a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto he conducted fieldwork and recorded interviews with European and North American members of the Santo Daime, a Brazil-based religion in which devotees drink ayahuasca as a psychoactive sacrament.  More broadly, he is interested in the domains of Anthropology of Religion, Medical Anthropology, Cognitive Archaeology, and Consciousness Studies. Email:

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