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Mac Marshall

Emeritus Professor University of IowaDepartments of Anthropology and Community & Behavioral Health
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Mac Marshall has worked in the subject area of ADTSG for >35 years.  His initial focus was on alcohol and kava in the Pacific Islands, but over the years this expanded to include tobacco, betel, and marijuana.  He has authored or edited several books on these subjects (e.g., 1979 Weekend Warriors: Alcohol in a Micronesian Culture; 1979 (ed.) Beliefs, Behaviors, and Alcoholic Beverages: A Cross-Cultural Survey; 1982 (ed.) Through a Glass Darkly: Beer and Modernization in Papua New Guinea; 1990 (with Leslie B. Marshall) Silent Voices Speak: Women and Prohibition in Truk; 1999 (ed. with Leanne Riley) Alcohol and Public Health in 8 Developing Countries; and now in press for 2013 Drinking Smoke: The Tobacco Syndemic in Oceania.)  Mac has also published many book chapters and journal articles on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  Most of his research has been in the Pacific Islands (particularly in Micronesia and Papua New Guinea), but Mac also conducted a 3-year study of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) that resulted in a couple of journal articles (1996 in Qualitative Health Research and 1994 in Journal of Public Health Policy, both co-authored with Alice Oleson).  In an earlier era (1984-1989) Mac served as a member of the Board of Directors and as Newsletter Editor for what was then called the Alcohol & Drug Study Group (now ADTSG).  From 1996-2002 he was the sole anthropologist on a 10-person international scientific research team sponsored by WHO’s Programme on Substance Abuse (the Alcohol Policy in Developing Societies Project; see Robin Room et al. 2002 Alcohol in Developing Societies: A Public Health Approach).  Mac am presently on the editorial boards of Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse and The Social History of Alcohol and Drugs.  Finally, he is also past editor of Medical Anthropology Quarterly. Email  

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