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Eugene Raikhel

Assistant Professor University of ChicagoDepartment of Comparative Human Development
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Eugene Raikhel is a cultural and medical anthropologist with interests encompassing the anthropology of science, biomedicine and psychiatry; addiction and its treatment; suggestion and healing; and post-socialist transformations in Eurasia. He is particularly concerned with the circulation of new forms of knowledge and clinical intervention produced by biomedicine, neuroscience and psychiatry. He is currently completing a manuscript based on my doctoral research, titled Governing Habits: Addiction and the Therapeutic Market in Contemporary Russia. Based on fourteen months of fieldwork in St. Petersburg among institutions dealing with substance abuse, this book examines the political-economic, epidemiological and clinical changes that have transformed the knowledge and medical management of alcoholism and opiate addiction in Russia over the past twenty years. He is developing a North America-based project which will explore how research in neurobiology is shaping diagnostic and treatment technologies for addiction, with a particular focus on the consequences of these changes for patients.  With William Garriott, he is editor of Addiction Trajectories (Duke University Press, 2013). Email:

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