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David Lowry

Associate Professor Biola UniversityDepartment of Anthropology
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David Shane Lowry is an anthropologist trained at MIT (during and directly after the mapping of DNA) and UNC-Chapel Hill. One question guides most of his anthropological inquiries: “Why do humans heal?” David’s inquiries into drug use began during ten years of work in America’s pharmacies. He also gathered ethnographic knowledge of drug use during three years of fieldwork in Native American churches and soup kitchens in North Carolina. David is finishing up a book on the politics of drug preparation in America (currently under contract). The next phase of his research/writing will focus on the “body” within medical education. On the side, David is writing a book about America after Michael Jeffrey Jordan (the basketball player and global icon). Email: davidshanelowry@gmail.com  Twitter and Instagram: @DavidShaneLowry

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